Term 4 Madness

Term 4 Madness

To celebrate the new Interactive Quiz facility being added to our website, we are offering 50% off all of our annual subscription plans (Ends 31/03/18). 

Achieve in Science provides a fully interactive online learning resource suitable for GCSE students, and can be accessed 24/7 from school, home, or even when on holiday. 

Written by an Lead Practitioner, Achieve in Science welcomes feedback and is always looking to support students, teachers and parents. 

Why Achieve in Science?


  • Reduce your department’s planning, preparation and marking workload.
  • Regularly review the progress made by your students
  • Quizzes consists of a range of different styles of questions – multiple choice, gap fills, sorting, single words and extended answers. 
  • Each question is marked and feedback is seen on screen and also emailed to the student.
  • Access to a bank of 1000s of quiz questions, pre-made quizzes and you can even write your own interactive quizzes.
  • If you are a school, then you can also arrange a 24 hour demo of the site. 


  • Access to 1000s of interactive quiz questions
  • Access to 100s of video tutorials 
  • Access to 100s of lesson resources
  • Access to 100s of printable revision resources 
  • Access to 1000s of pre-made flash cards

In order to receive the discount, please enter the discount code Term4Madness18 at checkout. 

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