Supporting Parents & Students – GCSE science revision

Supporting Parents & Students – GCSE science revision

Happy New Year!

Year 11 is a critical year and as we enter a new year, it is a good time to begin to think about how to prepare for examinations this year. 

2018 sees the first GCSE Science examinations for the new programme of study. The new GCSE brings a number of new challenges for students and it is vital that revision is effective. 

Achieve in Science has been created by a Science Lead Practitioner and provides 100s of resources for teacher, students and parents. As a parent/student, you can sign up for a ‘student membership’ which gives access to:

  • 100s of lesson handouts
  • 100s of animated video tutorials
  • 100s of revision resources – flash cards, mind maps, word wheels, check sheets
  • and more.

Top tips of ‘effective’ revision:

  • Bespoke: Be aware of your own personal strengths and areas for development. You can use the online quizzes and check sheets to help identify these quickly. 
  • Focused: prioritise the topics you have highlighted as areas of development first. This will ensure that you make a difference. 
  • Time: Dedicate time in your day to revision, where you are not going to be distracted. Switch off social media. 20 minutes a day can make a real difference! 
  • Variety: Achieve in Science has a wealth of different resources and it is important to use different resources to make your revision memorable and engaging. 
  • Work together: Our flash cards are just one of the great tools that allow students to work with parents/carers/peers so that can quickly assess and support students. 
  • Review: Go back through your notes or use our lesson handouts and video tutorials to see what you are expected to know. 
  • Syllabus: Download a copy of the syllabus and highlight your own areas of development. Regularly review this!
  • Minimise: As you get closer to the exams, it is important to minimise your notes to the key important things that you need to know. You are not going to be able to read a whole text book or revision guide before an exam. Instead a page of key points is more achievable.