Primary Science


Following a successful application to Let Teachers Shine, I will be supporting primary school teachers and whole schools  with the delivery of their science curriculum during the 2017-2018 academic year.

As a Science Lead Practitioner at a secondary school and Governor of a primary school, I have a passion for making science engaging and accessible so that all children feel they have the confidence and skills to become scientists of the future.

I believe that a child’s interest in science is shaped before they leave primary school and this project intends to ensure that primary-aged children are exposed to engaging and inspiring science lessons that develop their enthusiasm for the science in the world around them. By having a secondary science lead practitioner and governor being proactive in supporting the delivery of a high-quality science curriculum, children can have a memorable and engaging experience of science no matter their ability and/or background.  Lessons will become much more practical and the emphasis will be on the language that the children use, therefore having a greater impact on their progress due to a deepened understanding of vocabulary and content of the curriculum.

Project Overview

The aim of this project is to support primary schools with the delivery of the new science curriculum that became statutory in 2014. Not only has the expectation of teacher subject knowledge increased but children are being expected to understand concepts that were previously taught in higher key stages.  I believe teachers need guidance in delivering hands-on, creative, memorable and meaningful science lessons to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Main Activities:

  • Providing bespoke Continuous Professional Development (CPD) days for teaching staff.
  • Offering ‘Science Days’ where children can benefit from hands-on activities and engage with quality discussions.
  • Supporting ‘Parent/Carer Engagement Sessions’ where parents/carers are encouraged to work with their child.
  • Developing Science Resources to help teachers deliver memorable and engaging science lessons.
  • Running Science Competitions to allow children to experience science outside of the classroom.
  • Provide Challenge and Support for the senior leadership team and evaluate performance, identify priorities for improvement and plan effective change.


  • STEM Ambassador
  • Let Teachers Shine National Winner – 2016 & 2017
  • Science Lead Practitioner
  • Head of Mathematics & Science
  • Advanced Skills Teacher
  • Teaching Award Fellow & Judge
  • Governor – Parent, staff and co-opted

Feedback so far….

“Mr Scutt has made an enormous contribution to the teaching and learning of Science in our school.  His extensive subject knowledge and familiarity with the demands of the new primary curriculum have been of great benefit to us as we have been grappling with both the new curriculum and our expansion into KS2.

He has led staff CPD on engaging our children with exciting investigations, been a critical friend as we have evaluated our current planning, teaching and assessment, and even our more reticent EAL learners are so enthused by his approach that they will push their communication skills to the limit as they contribute to their group’s project.”

EYFS Teacher and Science Subject Leader

“Mr Scutt’s support has proven both valuable and motivating for all staff involved, which has had a positive impact on the children’s learning. He has supported the teaching of Science and maths by carrying out learning walks and book scrutinies to monitor teaching and learning, whilst providing valuable feedback to drive the school forward. The feedback has also been used to inform both subject action plans and the school development plan.

Having someone who specializes in these specific curriculum areas has been hugely beneficial for teacher’s professional development whilst helping to upskill subject leaders. As an expanding school, Mr Scutt’s knowledge of the KS1-KS4 curriculum has helped support the Science and maths coordinators to identify the progress within the year groups. His knowledge has made the teachers re-evaluate and review their planning and teaching within the subjects, whilst inspiring many to create more engaging lessons to suit all children’s needs. This has greatly impacted the progress in the subjects as the planning and activities have been better differentiated to enable all children to make good progress”.

Maths Lead and Year 3 Teacher

“It has been a pleasure to work with Pete this year. He has provided extensive support by sharing his skills and experience in developing a comprehensive and robust science policy for our school. In addition, he has supported the teaching of science by working with school leaders and subject leaders to monitor the delivery of lessons, before providing very detailed and valued feedback. Pete clearly has an excellent rapport with our children and is determined to instil a lifelong passion for the subject from an early age. When I first told my class that Pete would be joining us for a lesson they were absolutely delighted, when I asked why, they fondly told me that before I joined the Holy Rood staff, Pete had taken the class for a session on rocket building. This was clearly a very memorable experience for the children, they were keen to tell me all about how they had launched rockets in the playground and that “some went so high, they even went over the school fence!”

The work that Pete has done already has not only significantly raised the profile of science at our school, but he has also had an impact on how progress is measured and monitored and provided teachers with increased confidence and enthusiasm”.

Year 4 Teacher and Science Subject Leader

“What an amazing opportunity for our children. The children who have participated in these sessions have been reminded of how much fun science can be”.

Year 6 Teacher and Science Subject Leader

“The changes in the new science curriculum has meant that the children are now being taught difficult concepts that were previously taught in higher Key stages.  Peter has supported our school through learning walks, looking at the children’s science books and at the planning and assessment procedures.  The impact of this support has helped us to identify our key areas for development within this subject.  These include:

  • Raising teachers subject knowledge and confidence levels in teaching Science especially in light of the new curriculum and expanding Key stage 2.
  • Demonstrating investigative approaches to Science so that children are able to explore the subject first hand, making links and discoveries whilst developing key scientific knowledge and vocabulary. This is vital for children but in particular, this hands-on approach supports our children with pupil premium and EAL, helping them access to the necessary vocabulary and helping to overcome the barrier within their learning.
  • Opportunities for Science to be modelled and shared through effective CPD. Peter has already led a staff meeting, demonstrating experiments and asking teachers to make links to their own subject knowledge and experiences but there is a need for this to be developed further by working alongside teachers during lessons and to model and support with scientific discussions.
  • Opportunities for children to be presenting their work in many challenging and differentiated ways to demonstrate impact of learning.
  • To continue to work with our Science subject leads to increase their confidence in leading this subject so that raised standards, enthusiasm and high quality science curriculum can continue when the project has finished.

Peter’s excellent subject knowledge, passion for the subject and ability to provide effective and appreciated support for all of our staff would make this project a success within our school”.

Head Teacher.  

Does your school need support with Science?

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