GCSE Science Quizzes

GCSE Science Quizzes

Hundreds of more questions have been added to the quiz area of the site.

If you are a school, then check out the bank of quizzes in your Quiz Manager area. If you have a student subscription, then these new quizzes will automatically appear in the interactive quiz areas. 

Some of the New quizzes include:

  • Electricity – Equations
  • Electricity – Units
  • Electricity – Q=It
  • Electricity – V=IR
  • Electricity – Required Practical 1
  • Electricity – Required Practical 2
  • Electricity – Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Electricity – Power
  • Electricity – Energy Transferred
  • Quantitative Chemistry 2


Please note, all of the questions that make up these quizzes are also available from the question bank and these can be used to create your own quizzes. You can even write your own additional questions too. 

If you have not yet upgraded your school subscription to access the Quiz Manager, then please contact admin@achieveinscience.co.uk