Back to School 2017

I am delighted to announce that I have been able to add the following resources to the website. It has been a very busy summer ‘holiday’!
  • Single (triple) science flash cards
  • Single science support videos, with voice overs
  • Combined science support video, with voice overs
  • Additional engaging practicals and demonstrations
  • Additional worksheets and learning resources
  • Assessments for foundation tier – combined science and single sciences
  • Assessments for higher tier – combined science and single science
  • Review sheets for assessments
  • A Maths support area
  • Teaching & Learning area with resources and display materials
  • ‘When Finished’ activities
  • ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ area
The website now also has been updated to allow:
  • A single teacher subscription
  • A school demo function – 24 hour access
Coming soon:
  • Online quiz area with self-marking questions
  • Extra revision resources
  • CPD sessions
  • Live tutorials
Please feel free to use the feedback button if you have any suggestions for additional resources that I can add to the site.