About Achieve in Science (AIS)


Achieve in Science (AIS) is a subscription website for schools, students and parents, covering the AQA GCSE combined Science (Trilogy) and single science (triple science) curriculum.

Achieve in Science provides online lesson plans, lesson resources, worksheets with answers, revision materials and sample assessments, plus videos tutorials suitable for GCSE students of all abilities. Plus, all of the resources are continually being developed and new resources are always being added.

All of the resources have been written by a Lead Practitioner in Science for teachers, their students and parents/carers.


Achieve in Science (AIS) was setup by Peter Scutt, a Lead Practitioner in Science, with the support of the Shine Charity (Let Teachers Shine), who awarded the project £15,000.

Links to Press

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Excellent set of resources – well worth the money. [Weesie1]

This is an amazing comprehensive resource that is a must have for the new AQA physics Trilogy. Everything is carefully thought out and includes a SoW, power points, worksheets, detailed lesson plans and sheets for practicals to give to technicians. The lessons are in a sensible order that make sense and even the changes to the symbols for speed eqns are in the detailed slides. FANTASTIC! Buy this! [daisydares69]

Thanks for these resources.. please let me know when the website and updates are up and running!!! [nazar1234]

Thanks again for excellent resources. [2006middlemiss]